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False Alarms


Keypad False Alarm Statistics


  • " 49% of the time the wrong code was entered and 9% of the time no code was entered.
  • " 26% of the time users ran out of delay times (entry delay 17%, exit delay 9%).
  • " 16% of the time users erroneously believed the system was in 'Ready' mode.
  • " 26% of the time users accidentally armed their system in the 'Away' mode instead of the 'Stay' mode and then remained on-site.


Other Problems


  • 59% of the time something was wrong at one of the doors.
  • 20% happened because a motion detector detected something that was incorrectly identified as a burglar.
  • 16% happened because a person was frightened and pressed the panic button without sufficient rationale.


*According to the TFS Research Project 2004/2005


Providing safety for your family or business without the hassle of false alarms doesn't have to be complicated.

False alarms can lead to neighbors ignoring your alarm; and reluctance on your part to use your alarm makes your home, business or property vulnerable to theft or fire, and possibly uninsurable.

Alarm owners are challenged by municipalities who now often levy fines for false alarms, or withhold response. In some places they will not respond after three false alarm or you may be required to take two-hour false alarm prevention course before the city agrees to dispatch vital emergency services to your premise again.




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